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A Learning Experience

A few months ago I wrote, produced, assistant directed and edited a Pringles as a class assignment that we (myself and my crew, Nikkia Adams and Doug Hill) also entered into a contest.  We had five weeks to create the commercial from pre-production to the final edit, which is not a lot of time. Throughout the pre-production process we encountered some challenges such as no actors showing up to our casting call and one of the props not arriving on time. I had to change the concept the day before the shoot along with the help of the director, Nikkia, and we ended up being able to find two good actors last minute so it all worked out in the end. I learned a lot about the pre-production process, which is helping me in planning for my current film, which will be a lot longer than 30 seconds.  I have more time to plan out my film and I am definitely utilizing that. In doing the Pringles commercial I gained a lot of experience in coming up with last minute plans, however I am doing everything in my power to not have to result to that for my current film. Even with all the challenges we faced I still think the commercial came out very well. What do you think?