My Experience

I started writing this blog as a class assignment, now the class is coming to an end. Even though the class is ending I will still be updating my blog. I have found that writing this blog is a great way for me to summarize my research so I can look back at it later if I need to. I have also found that it is a good way to get the word out about my film. I would like to continue to connect with people who are planning a wedding or just interested in weddings in general. One thing I would really like is to connect with because I think is a great site for wedding planning for people all over. Another wedding site I hope to connect with is because I have found that site helpful in my research as well.

I have also found that Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook have worked the best in promoting my blog and my film. I received the most clicks to my blog from Twitter followed by Facebook. I did not receive any views on my blog from Pinterest, but I have gotten a lot of my pins repined including the pins from my blog. I have also found Pinterest to be very helpful in getting inspiration for production design.


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