Picking the Perfect Wedding Dress

Here is a great article on how to choose your wedding dress. It gives tips for choosing the right dress. The first step is to pick your wedding date or at least what time of the year you will be getting married so your dress is season appropriate. Next you should set a budget before even entering the store that way you won’t fall in love with a dress you can not afford. Next the article discusses what to expect at the bridal shop and what you should bring… bring pictures of dresses you admire, do not bring too many people. Too many opinions distract from your own. The next section of the article goes into detail about how to pick the right dress for your body type.  The article also goes over final touches, accessories and so on. I recommend checking it out before looking at dresses.


To get inspiration for pictures to bring to the bridal shop with you I recommend going to theknot.com Here you can narrow down your choices and get a bunch of great pictures for when you go to try on dresses. I am using theknot.com to gather ideas for how I want the dress in my film to look.

14 thoughts on “Picking the Perfect Wedding Dress

  1. Oops I forgot to say she also has fashion decor and recipes maybe you can find more inspiration on your search for your senior film project =), love you blog by the way.

  2. Nice tips for choosing the perfect wedding dress. It gives me a heads start on what to expect when I get marry. I find theknot.com very helpful. I will need to use this website when I choose my wedding dress in the future. I want the ‘perfect wedding dress!’

  3. Love this article! And it just reminds me of watching that TLC Show “Say Yes to the Dress” and “Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta”. I think some of those women need to read this article because most of them would bring pretty much half their bridal shower. It’s crazy. I also believe people really should look at the part for finding the wedding dress that FIT YOUR BODY TYPE. If you are a Big girl, you are not going to be able to wear skinny girl dress. You need to accent your body tastefully, not shoving your rolls down a skinny tube.
    Have you Watched any of those shows? You should! They are awesome.

    • I think I have seen “Say Yes to the Dress” a few times. I might have to have a marathon one day over the three week break to get some more ideas before I go looking for dress for my film.

  4. I love wedding dresses! When I was younger I wanted to do a show about finding the perfect wedding dress… but obviously somebody stole my idea lol. But good luck finding the perfect dress for your film! Just an idea, if you go to like little dress shops, you can find like a one-of-a-kind dress that nobody else is gonna have. But it may cost a bit… = \

  5. This will be extremely helpful for when i pick out my wedding dress.

    Just kidding, I obviously wouldn’t be the one wearing the dress. I do think that this post points out a lot of good tips for deciding on things in general. People commonly ask for too many opinions when it comes to things that should mostly depend on their own opinion. And of course it’s always good to have a budget set up so that you know what you CAN spend on anything, not only the big stuff.

  6. Nick, I’m sure you’ll look ravishing in white.
    In relation to weddings: I was watching Dr. Oz today, the special was Transformation Nation. One of this featured guests shared that last year she was a bridesmaid for her friend’s wedding. She was so overweight that the dressmakers explained they would need to order the largest dress size they could get, puls extra fabrique. This inspired her to join Transformation Nation, and now, she has lost over 100lbs. She is getting married at the end of the year and as a special surprise, Dr. Oz got Michelle Obama’s very own dress maker to help her pick out the perfect wedding dress.

  7. I’m not gonna lie Michelle, this is my nightmare. But you do such a great job at making this topic relevant to your viewers. It truly shows your interest in the topic for your future project and every woman I know would be glued to your Blogs. Keep up the good work!

  8. I use to work as a “dress specialist” for a wedding dress store in high school, and I can tell you the beauty of the dress DOES NOT MATTER! The beauty of the dress on the girl is what matters. A lot of woman think the dress should be the main showcase of the wedding, but the truth is, the bride should be the showcase. If the dress out shines the bride, then there is a problem with the dress. As mentioned, finding a complementing dress for a woman’s body type is the number one element in the decision making process.

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