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Picking the Perfect Wedding Dress

Here is a great article on how to choose your wedding dress. It gives tips for choosing the right dress. The first step is to pick your wedding date or at least what time of the year you will be getting married so your dress is season appropriate. Next you should set a budget before even entering the store that way you won’t fall in love with a dress you can not afford. Next the article discusses what to expect at the bridal shop and what you should bring… bring pictures of dresses you admire, do not bring too many people. Too many opinions distract from your own. The next section of the article goes into detail about how to pick the right dress for your body type.  The article also goes over final touches, accessories and so on. I recommend checking it out before looking at dresses.


To get inspiration for pictures to bring to the bridal shop with you I recommend going to Here you can narrow down your choices and get a bunch of great pictures for when you go to try on dresses. I am using to gather ideas for how I want the dress in my film to look.

It’s All About Color

Last week my class ad a special treat, the colorist Gary Coates came to our class and gave a presentation on color correction.  As a bonus Gary Coates eve left his color kit for us to take and use for ourselves.


I found the presentation very helpful. I learned about effects in final cut pro that I had not really explored before. One of the effects I learned about was the RGB balance, which is good for exposure adjustments, stylizing, and white and black balancing. Another effect that I learned about were mattes which allows you to isolate portions of the screen and then you can adjust the color for those portions.


Gary Coates took us step by step through changing the color temperature of footage. It was interesting to see how such little changes in the gamma or RGB balance can make such a big difference to the color. I still have a lot to explore and learn about color correction, but being able to learn even a little bit from Gary Coates is definitely a privilege.

Create Your Own Centerpiece

Here is a great video explaining how to create center pieces for a wedding from onlineweddingflorist.

This video is really helpful to me because I will not have a florist to put my centerpieces together for me. Myself and my crew will be creating all the props for my film ourselves. The video will help me to save money with creating my own centerpieces in a way that will actually look good. Even if you have a florist doing the centerpieces for your wedding it is still helpful to know how exactly they do it.

I recommend checking out the rest of onlineweddingflorist’s videos because there are great tips for all different kinds of flower arrangement ideas including flower arrangements from celebrity weddings.

What’s a wedding without flowers?

When it comes to flowers a great place to start getting ides is If you know your color palette I would suggest searching by color to get ideas, however you can also search by arrangement or by bloom.

After looking around on  I suggest going to  and searching your choice even more. Here you can select the color you want and look at all the different types of flowers in that color. I followed these steps and ended up with a few ideas for flower arrangements for the wedding in my film. Here are some of the arrangements I like, hopefully you will be able to get ideas for your color palette as well.

Cranberry Antique Enhanced Hydrangeas 

Burgundy Dianthus Flower

Cranberry Flower Wedding Centerpiece