Where to say I Do?


To me the location is the most important aspect of the wedding. Since the wedding that I am planning is for my film I want to be sure that the wedding location is appealing to the eye and will look good cinema graphically. Also since this is for a film I am on a pretty tight budget so I cannot afford to spend tons of money on the location. I have not found my location yet, but there are a few great websites that are very helpful with looking through locations.


If you live in the bay area, like me, a good place to start looking for locations is mybayarewedding.com. This website has a list of different locations with pictures. If a location looks appealing to you it links you to the site where you can look more in depth into the location and where you can contact the vendor.

Another good bay area site is sfbaybrides.com. This site does not have pictures of the location on the site, but it lets you narrow it down from the bay area in general to the actual county you would like to have the ceremony in. Sfbaybrides.com gives you a list of different locations and describes each one. It also provides a link for each location that directs you to that locations site. Another good aspect of sfbaybrides.com is that you can look at locations for destination weddings as well such as Hawaii, Lake Tahoe. Las Vegas, and Reno.

Another helpful site is mywedding.com . This site will help you find a location in any state in the United States as well as in Canada and the U.K. Mywedding.com is helpful for everyone. Instead of just people in the bay area. I also got all the photos used in this post from mywedding.com.



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