Choosing a Color Palette

Choosing the right color palette for your wedding is key. The colors you choose for the flowers, decorations, and brides maids dresses help to set the tone for the wedding. A great place to pick your color palette is On this site you can search palettes in general or search by color. I recommend searching by color because then you can pick one color that you really want and colors that compliment your main color will go with it. However if you do not have an idea of a color that you want then looking at palettes in general is definitely a goo idea. is a great source, however it focuses more on color swatches than on showing pictures of the combination together. If you want to see examples of color palettes in decorations I recommend checking out Here you will see a combination of colors in decorations. Once you get an idea of what you want I would go back to and researching your color choice even more.


The wedding I am planning for my movie is a little bit different. I have to think about the colors that would look best on camera and not take too much attention away from the story of the movie. I know that the main color I want to use is cranberry so I am in the process of looking at different combinations on and researching them more on other sites. I ended up choosing is cranberry and bold pink.


2 thoughts on “Choosing a Color Palette

  1. I love those colors! Also thanks for the insight. Maybe one day I will need to find the perfect color pallet. I also love site. Looking forward to another post.Cheers!

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